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Updated: Feb 10, 2020

There are several ways to create a winged look...

You can use a liquid liner, which will give you a very sharp, dramatic, defined look. You can use an eyeliner brush with black shadow which can crate a wing but with a much softer effect. You could use a sharp mechanical pencil, which won't be as defined as a liquid but will create a dramatic, slightly softer look. And of course, the gel pencil or regular kohl's that are thicker and a little harder to work with if you want perfectly clear lines, but have a softer, thicker look.

Wings can be directed in a few ways, but keep in mind the effect it will have. For eg: if you create a wing pointing downward, it will make your eye look droopy. If you create a wing too high it will give your eye a stranger, upward shape.

Usually the rule of thumb is to create the line from the outer corner of the eye towards the top of your ear, but stopping in line with the end of your brow which will give a slight lift to the wing, but not too high. You can place 2-3 dots and then fill them in. Create a 'triangle' at the end of the eyelid to make it look fuller, instead of a flat, thin line.

Wings can be long or short, depending on how dramatic you want them to look. There really are no rules anymore.

Practice makes perfect. It is hard to make each side look the same, but with time, you will be a perfect 'wing maker'.

Remember, using makeup wipes or tape can clean up and perfect the look with ease.

Good luck friends,


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